A Look at the Remaining Regular Season Schedule

The season is officially 75% over now that the Wizards have played 62 games, winning 30.  This point last season, Washington was 35-27 after losing 7 of its previous 9 games.  This season, Washington has the easiest remaining schedule, according to opponents’ W-L record, but is still 1.5 games behind Chicago for 8th place.  Staying healthy (see Beal, Bradley), limiting turnovers, and playing consistent defense, … Continue reading A Look at the Remaining Regular Season Schedule

Wizards Week 19 Preview

With the Wizards approaching the 3/4 mark of the season, have they finally made the changes necessary to make a last ditch playoff run?  The answer is complicated.  The Wizards have had an overall solid stretch post All-Star break, having won 5 of their last 7 games.  The wins have all been great, but as we’ve wished all season, these games had a sense of … Continue reading Wizards Week 19 Preview

Washington Wizards Blog - Week 17 preview

Wizards Week 17 Preview

The 23-28 Wizards come out of the symbolic halfway point of the NBA season 3 games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference, looking to finally put together a stretch of games that can move them into playoff contention.  The issue with the “halfway point” is that the season is actually 11 games past the midway mark.  Washington has 31 games left in its … Continue reading Wizards Week 17 Preview

Can Wall’s 41 points create positive momentum?

By Charlie Gibson 2/4/16 Follow me on twitter @cgibson1619 Feature Image from degreedeodorant.com   Last night was fun. John Wall had his second career 40-point game, Verizon Center was full for once, and Steph Curry had to play the 4th quarter. Basketball fans around the country tuned in to see Steph score 51 (11 made threes, 25 points in the first quarter), and they stayed to … Continue reading Can Wall’s 41 points create positive momentum?

Washington Wizards Blog - Buddy Hield visits Baton Rouge to face Ben Simmons and LSU

The BS/BH Report: Ben Simmons vs. Buddy Hield

As an NBA blog, we spend a lot of time covering daily and weekly matchups that come from a grueling 82-game schedule.  As a Wizards blog  we prepare for a hopeful, but not guaranteed, playoff push.  However, some of the best parts of covering basketball versus any other sport, is the effect superstars have on the game and their teams.  With only 13 active players … Continue reading The BS/BH Report: Ben Simmons vs. Buddy Hield

Washington Wizards Blog - John Wall and Randy Wittman discuss Strategy

Wizards Week 15 Preview

This week will feature Washington’s toughest test of the season.  48 hours after playing at one of the toughest arenas in the league in Oklahoma City, where the Thunder are 22-5, the Wizards will return home to host the reigning champion Golden State Warriors, as they march towards history and breaking the 72 win record by the 95-96 Bulls.  As if the test wasn’t already hard … Continue reading Wizards Week 15 Preview

Washington Wizards Blog - Allen Iverson shaped me in basketball and in life

Guest Writer Series – Jeremy Arnstein: For Love of The Game

My name is Jeremy Arnstein, and I think it is safe to say that the game of basketball has shaped my entire life. My story begins in a small Vermont town named Putney. Putney has about 3,000 residents in total. The graduating class of my middle school was 17 kids. The odds of somebody from Putney playing basketball at any competitive level is almost 0%, … Continue reading Guest Writer Series – Jeremy Arnstein: For Love of The Game

All-Star Picks 2015-16

By Charlie Gibson 1/26/16 Follow me on twitter @cgibson1619 Cover photo from warriorsworld.net All stats thanks to basketball-reference, nbawowy, and nba.com   Starters were picked by the fans, the reserves were picked by me. Actual reserves announced 1/27 on TNT.  #RespectTheFans East Starters Kyle Lowry, G: Canada again flexes its (understated) muscles as Kyle Lowry was voted a starter for the second consecutive year. With the game being played in … Continue reading All-Star Picks 2015-16

Washington Wizards Basketball - Wizards host Celtics

Wizards Week 14 Preview

Raise your hand if you're ready to see @WashWizards basketball again! 🙋🏾🙋🏾🙋🏾 #WizCeltics pic.twitter.com/D6pdMCO93Q — Monumental Network (@MonumentalNtwrk) January 25, 2016 After a surprise two game week, Washington looks to return to a sense of normalcy with another four game week.  There are 10 games until the All-Star break and half will be against teams currently above .500.  Unfortunately, the tough part comes first as … Continue reading Wizards Week 14 Preview