Space Jam 2 Squad

By Jeremy Arnstein It has been a great up and down year for NBA fans all around. There have been a series of disappointing seasons like that of the Washington Wizards failing to make the playoffs, the New Orleans Pelicans falling to the bottom of the league and even the San Antonio Spurs who capped off a franchise record 67 wins with a less than … Continue reading Space Jam 2 Squad

Thunder Making Moves

By Charlie Gibson On Thursday night the Thunder beat the Spurs in the biggest game of this NBA season so far. The OKC crowd smelled blood in the water and had an Oracle-level impact on the game. Kevin Durant had the quietest 37 points of the playoffs while Westbrook dropped 28 with 12 assists. Kawhi Leonard had 22 points on 23 shots and LaMarcus Aldridge had … Continue reading Thunder Making Moves

Washington Wizards Head West for 5 game trip

Week 23: 5 Game Road Trip Preview

After a productive 5 game winning streak, the Wizards find themselves no closer to the playoffs than a few weeks ago after a five game losing streak.  Washington, still 3 GB of the 8th spot, has 10 games left, and the team they are chasing, Detroit, only has 8 games left.  A win Friday night at home against the Timberwolves would have made things much … Continue reading Week 23: 5 Game Road Trip Preview

Washington Wizards Blog - Can the Wizards sneak into the playoffs

An Irrational Wizards Fan’s Vision of How the Wizards Make the Playoffs

Washington, coming off 4 straights wins, has 13 games, left, so we’ll take another look at the race for the 7th and 8th seeds in the Eastern Conference, with the Wizards only 2 games behind Indiana for 7th and 1.5 games out of 8th.  At the beginning of last week the team had lost five straight games, including a terrible loss in Denver, and Wizards … Continue reading An Irrational Wizards Fan’s Vision of How the Wizards Make the Playoffs

Washington Wizards Blog - Will the Wizards make the playoffs

Wizards Week XX Preview

Week 20 for the Wizards comes after back to back losses to the Cavaliers in Cleveland and the Pacers at home.  It also marks the 20 games left mark in this long, up-and-down season.  Washington is 1.5 games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference, and armed with the easiest remaining schedule in the East, needs consistent and strong play in this stretch.  This … Continue reading Wizards Week XX Preview

A Look at the Remaining Regular Season Schedule

The season is officially 75% over now that the Wizards have played 62 games, winning 30.  This point last season, Washington was 35-27 after losing 7 of its previous 9 games.  This season, Washington has the easiest remaining schedule, according to opponents’ W-L record, but is still 1.5 games behind Chicago for 8th place.  Staying healthy (see Beal, Bradley), limiting turnovers, and playing consistent defense, … Continue reading A Look at the Remaining Regular Season Schedule

Wizards Week 19 Preview

With the Wizards approaching the 3/4 mark of the season, have they finally made the changes necessary to make a last ditch playoff run?  The answer is complicated.  The Wizards have had an overall solid stretch post All-Star break, having won 5 of their last 7 games.  The wins have all been great, but as we’ve wished all season, these games had a sense of … Continue reading Wizards Week 19 Preview

Washington Wizards Blog - Week 17 preview

Wizards Week 17 Preview

The 23-28 Wizards come out of the symbolic halfway point of the NBA season 3 games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference, looking to finally put together a stretch of games that can move them into playoff contention.  The issue with the “halfway point” is that the season is actually 11 games past the midway mark.  Washington has 31 games left in its … Continue reading Wizards Week 17 Preview