Kobe Bryant 5 NBA championships

An Adieu to Kobe Bryant

As you already know, on Sunday, Kobe Bryant announced that this season would be his last in the NBA.  The way this season started it was pretty apparent that this would be the end, but it was still a defining day in the history of the NBA.  Bryant has played for the Lakers for 20 years, the only player in American professional sports to spend … Continue reading An Adieu to Kobe Bryant

Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks

The Man, The Legend: GODZINGIS

Godzingis, PorzinGod, KP6, Zinger.  No matter the name you call him, it’s clear one month into the season that Kristaps Porzingis is a real building block that the Knicks have to be ecstatic is only 19 years old.  Saturday night in a win against the Rockets, Porzingis posted a line of 24 points, 14 rebounds and 7 blocks on 8-12 shooting.  It truly was a block party in … Continue reading The Man, The Legend: GODZINGIS

Karl-Anthony Towns: I’m Gonna Like This Guy

By Charlie Gibson 11/6/15 Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the players I am most curious to keep an eye on this season. In a league that considers itself downsizing, the 19 year old center was the highest rated prospect in any of the last three NBA drafts—the best since Anthony Davis. Towns is the best prospect at the center position to enter the league since … Continue reading Karl-Anthony Towns: I’m Gonna Like This Guy

Western Conference Preview

The NBA’s Western Conference currently features the best basketball in the world. It is made up of super-teams and superstars and is operating on a different level from the East. Over the last three seasons the Eastern Conference has had seven 50-win teams while the West has had 19. During the same span the East players have earned 11 All-NBA selections, while West players have … Continue reading Western Conference Preview

Eastern Conference Preview

Lebron James The NBA Eastern Conference is ruled by King James, who resides on his throne in Cleveland, ready to fend off the occasional challenger. Any preview of the East must start with him. James has won the Eastern Conference finals for five straight years, the first player since Bill Russell and his Celtics with five straight finals appearances (1). Out of those five tries, Lebron has … Continue reading Eastern Conference Preview